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Welcome to These General Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) govern the relationship between Boshnakov EOOD Company (hereinafter referred to as and the Users of e-sites and services (Internet) located at the domain and its associated domains, as well as the relations with the latter when using information and sales services offered by Boshnakov EOOD Company.

 Boshnakov EOOD Company allows you to view this site and print specific pages for personal, non-commercial use provided that you agree to accept these Terms and the provisions of this Agreement without any changes. You shall not amend, reproduce (except as otherwise provided in the foregoing clause), distribute, deliver, execute, duplicate, publish, license,  create derivatives, transfer or sell any information, materials, software, products or services from this site.


The use of this site represents your consent and acceptance, without any changes, of the terms and provisions specified herein above. Further, as a condition precedent for using this site, you declare and warrant before that you shall not use this site for any purposes that may be illegal, immoral or prohibited by these terms and provisions. If you do not agree and reject to accept without changes these terms and provisions as specified herein, you shall not use this site. No other agreements, beyond this agreement and the agreements made between yourselves and MASTERHAUS, related to sales of goods and services to you via this site shall be effective.

Obligations related to Registration

In relation to the use of the Site of, the User shall agree as follows:

a)           To provide true, correct, valid and complete personal details when completing the registration form (hereinafter referred to generally as “Personal Details”);

b)          To amend such Personal Details as required in view of their true, correct, valid and complete representation.

Should a Customer provide any untrue, incorrect, invalid and/or incomplete information shall have the right to cancel and/or delete such information related to e-mail address of such Customer and to deny further access to all of its services or any part thereof

In relation to non-disclosure and protection of the privacy of its Customers, advises all parents that materials and services are made available to publicly on a large scale and it is their responsibility to determine suitability of services and materials for use by their children.

Privacy of personal information

Boshnakov EOOD Company is fully aware that you may be concerned with the type of personal information possibly used or shared.   Our customer information is an important part of our business and we are not engaged in a business that sells information to others. We highly value your trust and we can assure you that  any and all information you may upload in our site, shall only be used to provide services for our Customers. We employ any and all information you may provide for purposes such as to respond to your demands, personalized future shopping, improvement of our site and communication with you, receipt and performance of orders and keeping in touch with Customers in case of any issues that may occur with any orders. You can choose not to supply specific details. In that case you may not be able to use many of our capabilities.

To be able to protect your information confidential , we use  Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt any information uploaded by you.  What we disclose is only the last four digits of your credit card number upon your order confirmation. Naturally, we disclose the full number of your credit card to the authorized credit card operator when handling orders.

Your account

Should you decide to use the services of, it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account and password and to limit any access to your computer; and you agree to assume full responsibility for any and all actions associated with your account and password. sells products designed for children, however these products can only be purchased by adults who are fully aware  how to buy using a credit card or etc. permitted method of payment.  If you are under the age of 18, you can use the services of only upon approval by your parents or legal guardians. reserves the right to reject delivery of any services, account deactivation, addition or deletion of contents, and/or termination of any orders in their sole discretion.

Product orders

The site of offers 2 options for placing orders:

  • With "Registration"
  • As a "Guest"

Although our team makes all reasonable efforts to perform all orders,  MASTERHAUS cannot guarantee availability in stock of any specific product represented in our site. MASTERHAUS reserves the right to terminate the sales of any product that may be specified in this site at all times without prior notification.

Our goal is to have a completely error-free site; however we cannot guarantee that any content is correct and comprehensive, including also price information and product specifications. Should we find any price error, it shall be corrected in our system and such corrected price shall be applied to your order. MASTERHAUS reserves the right to reject any order and to correct any and all errors,  discrepancies or omissions (including orders placed and confirmed).

For further details regarding product purchases from MASTERHAUS, kindly read carefully  "Frequently Asked Questions " and our product policy on " Claims and Refund policy ".


Prices of products offered in this site can differ from other published prices. This is attributable to the variety of terms and different geographic locations of markets.

Prices specified in this site are in Bulgarian Levs and shall be valid and effective for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria only. These prices are Value Added Tax inclusive and exclude shipping and delivery costs.

For each purchase made via, clients are granted automatically a 5% discount from the standard price for each article, except for goods in monthly promotions and top price items.


At MASTERHAUS Online, as well as in our stores, you will find 2 types of promotions: Monthly promotions and Top prices

  • Monthly promotions shall be understood as products represented in our brochure on day 1 of each month. These are products of our range of guaranteed low prices.
  • Top Price shall be understood as our special offer for customers. Duration of these promotions may vary from a few hours to several months. Top prices refer to specific product items or in general for product groups.


Your order requires a period of time for handling and delivery. Handling times can differ from item to item. When estimating the exact arrival date, be sure to include time period needed for handling, weekends and holidays on which deliveries are not made in general.

For example, if you place an order on Tuesday and select Economy shipment (2 to 3 days), your order shall arrive latest on Friday, in the same week.

Delivery options:

Economy delivery – to be made within 2 to 3 business days

  •  This is a service free of charge for order value over BGN  100, VAT included (Promotional products and Top Prices will not be included to total value for free delivery)

 Express delivery - to be made within 1 business day (24 hours, if ordered latest by 15.30 p.m.)

  • This is a service free of charge for order value over BGN  1000, VAT included (Promotional products and Top Prices will not be included to total value for free delivery)

Business days: Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays.

Time needed to handle orders: Handling duration for your order and shipping to the shipping agency center may vary depending on the specific product and its source.

Order Online, buy from a store: Most orders will be ready for lifting within one business day from the time of placing an online order. You will be contacted via phone with a confirmation to go onsite and receive your goods.  Specific items can be more time consuming due to stock-taking or availability.


  • Via a credit card
  • Via a bank transfer
  • Via Еpay
  • Via cash on delivery

Intellectual property rights

The trademarks, service marks and logotypes (hereinafter referred to as the "Trademarks") used and  shown in this site, represent registered and non-registered trademarks of  Boshnakov EOOD and others. All trademarks used in this site in relation to licenses and rights to use any trademarks, have been shown only upon preliminary  consent given in writing by the owner of such trademark.  Boshnakov EOOD aggressively imposes its intellectual property rights with all the severity of the law. The name MASTERHAUS, the logo of MASTERHAUS, or any other registered trademarks of MASTERHAUS shall not be used in any manner, without limitation to the field of advertising, or any advertisement related to the distribution of information contained in this site, without prior written consent of Boshnakov EOOD. Boshnakov EOOD prohibits the use of the logo of  MASTERHAUS, as a part of a link to or from any site, unless the creation of such link has been approved in advance by Boshnakov EOOD in writing.

Links to websites of third parties

This site can only contain links to sites owned or operated by a person different from Boshnakov EOOD  or MASTERHAUS. Such links have been provided only for reference. MASTERHAUS does not control external sites and shall not be responsible for the associated contents.


Should you have any questions relating to this Agreement, please refer to  056/857026, contact us  or write to the following address:

Boshnakov EOOD

Burgas, Northern Industrial Zone,