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In order to cover the stringent market requirements of the construction materials market, the dynamic environment and the specific regional conditions,   MASTERHAUS has combined all large items of construction materials in a "Construction market", focused on complete service capabilities for both builders and investors.

The employees of the “Construction market "  are a team of top qualification specialists who are always prepared to supply any information required by our clients, to  support their choices in finding the most suitable product for their specific needs and to make the best price offer.

Flexible prices, huge warehouse inventories, a large vehicle fleet and high service level have strengthened the position of the "MASTERHAUS Construction market” as a steady and reliable partner of builders and investors in the region of the entire Southern Black Sea coast. Due to its excellent location, the existence of a total of  4 trading sites of  MASTERHAUS , i.e. in Burgas, Nessebar, Primorsko and Aytos,  the “Construction market "  is capable of delivering all necessary materials to its clients in a timely manner.

In the “MASTERHAUS Construction market "   you can find a wide variety of products and consumables needed for any construction site. Further, you can choose among thousands of products designed for the same application, though classified in different price class. MASTERHAUS has established successful direct cooperation with dozens of manufacturers of different materials used in construction and repair works and therefore it is in a position to offer its clients top quality for reasonable prices.

Contact our Sales representatives:

  • MASTERHAUS гр. Бургас     Ивелина Атанасова:   0887 47 02 05
  • MASTERHAUS гр. Несебър     Стойчо Бадалов:        0882 24 46 44
  • MASTERHAUS гр. Приморско     Йосиф Банков:          0889 47 88 88
  • MASTERHAUS гр. Айтос        Йосиф Банков:           0889 47 88 88