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Product Number 0204020238

  • Facade paint with high elasticity
  • For facade painting of new buildings, renovation or restoration of old coatings
  • Base - for toning (coloring) according to catalog in light colors
  • It can also be used alone as a white color without tinting
  • Coverage: 9 - 10 sq.m./l.
  • Cover: matt
  • Provides maximum protection against cracks
  • Excellent vapor permeability
  • Color: white
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Spirit Flex Protection is a water-dispersion exterior paint with high elasticity, protecting facades from cracking even at large temperature amplitudes. It has high elasticity, keeps the surface clean for a long time. Does not absorb water, with excellent coverage. It has good vapor permeability - it allows the surfaces to "breathe" and has no smell.

The facade paint is intended for toning (coloring) according to the catalog in light colors, but it can also be used independently as a white color without the need for toning.

Main advantages and properties:

  • For facade painting - Spirit Flex Protection is a water-dispersion facade paint. Suitable for painting new buildings, renovation or restoration of old coatings.
  • With high elasticity - The paint has high elasticity, protecting the surface from cracking even at large temperature amplitudes. The paint is extremely resistant to water, temperature amplitudes and the UV radiation of the sun. Thanks to its elasticity, the paint can withstand mechanical stress without cracking and maintains a flat surface.
  • Protects against peeling, chalking and efflorescence - A well-known type of damage in old buildings is white staining and peeling on exterior walls. Efflorescence occurs under the influence of moisture, dust and constant changes in temperature conditions. When it is dry and hot outside, the water from the facade evaporates and the salt it contains crystallizes and turns into stains. Spirit flex protection prevents these phenomena from occurring.
  • Keeps the coating clean for a long time - Thanks to the structure of the cross-linking film, it keeps the surfaces clean for a longer time.
  • A beautiful appearance that lasts for a long time - Due to its structure, the paint offers significantly better atmospheric and UV resistance, which makes the coating more resistant to fading over time, which is extremely important for facade paints.
  • No water absorption - An important advantage of high-quality coatings is low water absorption, which prevents mechanical damage and extends the service life of the facade. Spirit Flex protection features minimal water absorption.
  • With excellent coverage - Thicker paints have more fillers to increase the volume of the paint without adding quality. Spirit Flex protection is subtle and creates a thin coverage while being extremely covering.
  • It has the property of allowing vapor to pass through - it allows the coating to "breathe" - Spirit flex protection has a high volume concentration of pigment (PVC) and forms a porous film in which gases such as oxygen and air can penetrate.
  • Lack of smell - In water-based paints there is a lack of a sharp specific smell.


  • Intended for toning (coloring) according to a catalog in light colors, but can also be used independently as a white color without the need for toning
  • Coverage: 9 - 10 sq.m./l.
  • Application: 1 - 2 layers
  • Cover: matt
  • Touch dry: 2 hours
  • Application tools: natural fiber brush or microfiber roller 15-24 mm long
  • Color: white



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