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Product Number 0703010064

  • Inverter air conditioner with built-in Wi-Fi module for remote control
  • Power: 9000 BTU
  • Output power during cooling: 0.6 - 3.4 kW
  • Heating output: 0.6 - 3.7 kW
  • Cooling of rooms up to 17 square meters / 45 cubic meters
  • Heating of rooms up to 13 square meters / 35 cubic meters
  • Refrigerant: R-32
  • Ionizer for purifying and refreshing the air
  • I-feel mini sensor for more accurate feedback on room temperature
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Inverter air conditioner GWH09AGB-K6DNA1B 0.6-3.4kW cooling /0.6-3.7kW heating Wi-Fi A++ A+ 0703010065-klimatik-invertoren-gwh12-agc-k6-dna1-a-psd_246x246_pad_478b24840a 0905080107-baterii-varta_246x246_pad_478b24840a
208089 лв


Inverter air conditioner Gree GWH09AGB-K6DNA1B has a power of 9000 BTU, suitable for cooling rooms up to 17 sq.m / 45 cu.m and for heating up to 13 sq.m / 35 cu.m. The inverter air conditioner features a compact size of the indoor unit and a clean design. The model has a built-in Wi-Fi module for remote control and an ionizer for purifying and refreshing the air.

Main advantages:

  • New generation Wi-Fi control - The Gree GWH09AGB-K6DNA1B inverter air conditioner has a built-in Wi-Fi module, thanks to which you can control it remotely, wherever you are. Through the Smart Gree mobile application, you can turn the air conditioner on and off, as well as set the operating mode and temperature from your phone or tablet. This helps you maintain a comfortable environment and temperature in your home so that you feel comfortable whenever you come home from a long trip or after the end of the working day.
  • Intelligent defrosting mode - The Gree Pular GWH09AGB-K6DNA1B inverter air conditioner has frost detection technology. Thanks to this, it goes into defrost mode automatically only when it is necessary, unlike other air conditioning systems that periodically work in this mode. This advantage saves you energy and improves the heating efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • Perfect sleep - In "Sleep" mode, you have the option to set the temperature to rise or fall after you fall asleep and before you wake up. This way you will have a healthier sleep, and in the morning you will feel fresh and rested.
  • Automatic cleaning and drying - Gree Pular uses a new technology with advanced aluminum lamellas, which does not allow dust to be retained in the indoor unit. After turning off in cooling mode, the fan of the indoor unit continues to run for some time. As a result, the fast-moving condensed water washes away the dust and thus the heat exchanger is self-cleaning and drying. This prevents moisture retention and the formation of mold and mildew, which can lead to health problems.
  • Ionizer for cleaner air - The Gree Pular GWH09AGB-K6DNA1B inverter air conditioner has a built-in ionizer, thanks to which you will have cleaner and fresher air for your home or office. It emits negatively charged ions that have the ability to kill a large number of harmful bacteria and at the same time neutralizes unpleasant odors.
  • The newest environmentally friendly refrigerant - Gree Pular series air conditioners use the newest and most environmentally friendly refrigerant (Freon) R-32, which does not have a negative impact on the environment like other refrigerants. Its ozone depleting potential is 0, which means that it does not harm the ozone layer and has the least possible effect on global warming.
  • Turbo cooling mode - To escape from the heat faster in the summer season, you can activate turbo cooling mode from the Turbo button. This provides a larger and stronger air stream to reach the set temperature in the shortest possible time.

Additional features and benefits:

  • Backlight - The backlit display on the remote control allows you to use it even when the room is dark.
  • Indoor unit drying - After using the air conditioner for cooling or dehumidification, the turbine continues to rotate to dry the heat exchanger and prevent mold growth.
  • Lock - To avoid changing parameters inadvertently or by children, the remote control can be locked.
  • LED display - For user convenience, the LED display always shows you the set temperature.
  • The remote has an LED display for more convenient operation.
  • Air drying - The air drying function can reduce the humidity in the room with minimal temperature change.
  • Volumetric air flow - The volumetric air flow enables a better distribution of air in the room through a special program for changing the position of the air conditioner flaps.
  • I-feel mini sensor - The built-in sensor in the remote control gives more accurate feedback on the room temperature for greater comfort.
  • Night mode - Comfortable sleep mode settings.
  • 24-hour timer - The function makes it possible to set the time for turning on and off the air conditioner within 24 hours.


  • Output cooling power (Min./Nom./Max): 0.6 / 2.7 / 3.4 kW
  • Output heating power (Min./Nom./Max): 0.6 / 2.8 / 3.7 kW
  • Cooling power consumption (Min./Nom./Max): 0.17 / 0.74 / 1.3 kW
  • Heating power consumption (Min./Nom./Max): 0.14 / 0.7 / 1.5 kW
  • Energy class of cooling / heating: A++ / A+
  • Suitable for premises up to: 17 sq.m
  • Refrigerant: R-32
  • Indoor unit dimensions (H x W x D): 260 x 779 x 185 mm
  • Outdoor unit dimensions (H x W x D): 550 x 732 x 330 mm


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