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Product Number 1103050432

  • Drained hive
  • Model: PP WAVE90
  • Length: 1m
  • Black color
  • Galvanized grille
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PP WAVE90 gutter - 1 m, black, galvanized grille 0402010083-new_246x246_pad_478b24840a 0402010082-1new_246x246_pad_478b24840a
4250 лв


Drain gutter PP WAVE90 is made of high quality PE-HD material.The height of the gutter is 90 mm and has a flat edge and grille covering the entire surface of the channel. Low weight, high durability, easy installation and compactness are some of the qualities of PP WAVE90. It is suitable for grilles with load class A 15. The grille is made of galvanized/stainless steel, with transverse rectangular holes measuring 30 x 10 mm.

The inner surface of the channels, thanks to the geometric shape and material, ensures the resistance of chemical elements, hygiene products used to combat mold and microorganisms. The channels have a very high coefficient of liquid outflow.

  • Application: pedestrian areas, parks and gardens, bicycle lanes, parking areas.

The smooth inner surface of the drain ensures a high drainage coefficient.



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