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Product Number 1106030008

  • One-component, elastic SIKA polyurethane for indoor and outdoor use
  • Cures in the presence of moisture in the air
  • Brown color
  • Operating temperature: from -40°C to +80°C
  • For joints with size: 10-35 mm
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Офертата е валидна от 01.09.2023 до 30.09.2023
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Polyurethane 600ml brown flex-11 FC Purform 1106070010-duza-koks-bjala-za-silikon-pjana-i-himichen-anker_246x246_pad_478b24840a 1106030008-11-poliuretan-600ml-kafv-flex-11-fc-sika_246x246_pad_478b24840a
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SIKA polyurethane is one-component and elastic, hardens in the presence of moisture. It is available in brown color and is used as a multifunctional glue. It is based on polyurethane. Can be used for indoor and outdoor use. Its main function is to fill joints, but it also has a broader purpose. Among the important and better known applications are:
- sealing joints for vertical and horizontal foundations,
- sound insulation of pipes located in concrete structures,
- sealing segments and seams,
- for wooden and metal structures,
- ventilation structures.
Its applications as an adhesive are many:
- for internal and external gluing of window sills,
- for thresholds,
- for steps,
- for protective boards,
- for paneling.
Its main advantages are:
- apply immediately,
- 1-component,
- free of solvents and odor,
- extremely low emissions,
- hardens without bubbles,
- excellent adhesion to various building materials,
- without corrosive action,
- absorbs shocks and noise.
The operating temperature is from -40°C to +80°C, and that of the ambient air should be in the norms from +5°C to +40°C. To achieve the effectiveness of the characteristics of silicone, it must be applied to joints with dimensions greater than 10 mm and less than 35 mm. The bases on which the polyurethane is applied, it is desirable to be dry, strong, clean, dust-free, homogeneous, without the presence of oils and lubricants, not to crumble. The silicone solution is made according to Bulgarian and international standards. It is recommended that it be applied with a suitable silicone gun.



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