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Product Number 0205010361

  • Impregnating one-component stone varnish
  • Thinner based
  • For interior/exterior use
  • Emphasizes the natural color of the stone
  • Colorless, does not form a film
  • Application: brush, roller, gun
  • Coverage: 10-12 sq.m/l
  • The image can be illustrative
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Stone varnish colorless matt Delac 750ml 0206010003-1_246x246_pad_478b24840a 0206010208-1_246x246_pad_478b24840a
1727 лв


Transparent stone varnish for indoor and outdoor use. Impregnates the surface of the stone (absorbed) without forming a film, as a result of which the surface does not turn yellow and does not flake. The varnish emphasizes the natural color of the stone surface, protecting it from moisture and from the absorption of contaminants. DELAC is suitable for all types of stones or slabs, natural or artificial, as well as for the protection of refractory bricks, tiles, porous marble, decorative bricks and more.


  • Impregnating one-component stone varnish
  • Emphasizes the natural color of the stone and keeps it"alive"
  • Colorless, does not form a film


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